Girls Just Know: 10 Ways To Be Happier Now

Hailey Hastings

Posted on May 07 2017

Have you been feeling a little down lately or maybe for a while? Sometimes everyone needs a reboot. Here are 10 simple ways to be happier right now.

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Try To Find The Root:

I think we are all focused on fixing the problem instead of understanding why the problem is there in the first place.

Is it stress from school, debt, maybe it's just the weather? Whatever it is, bring out a piece of paper and write down what causes you the most issues.

Try to pick the top three and stop there. You don’t want to add even more to the stress. Write down the root, how you’re going to fix it and give yourself a goal.

An example:

Lack of friends: I'm going to start going to one Meetup a week, I will try to make one connection per Meetup and invite this person to hang out.

I’m low on cash: I am going to stop buying coffee once a day and bring my own lunches to work. This means I will save $2 a business day on coffee which is 40$ a month and I will stop buying lunch 3 days a week. $12 x 3. At month end I will have $144.

Add Some Colour To Your Life:

Recently, I was trying a monochromatic tone in my house and I was bored stiff. The lack of bright colours each day was depressing so I added a fun turquoise accent chair and some accessories. Fun pillows and a couple pieces of art to bring a pop of colour to the room. Now, I feel happier when I walk into the room.

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Give Yourself A Compliment:

It sounds silly but each day I want you to stand In front of your mirror and give yourself a compliment. Out loud...seriously.

It can be anything but try to get a little deeper then “You’re beautiful”.

Try something like:

“You're a hard worker and that sets you apart from others”

“You have a great fashion sense”

“You really worked hard this year to achieve your goals of getting better grades”

“You have an amazing positivity about you and people love that”

“You are a leader”

“You’re able to live a life without judging others”

Whatever it is, say it out loud. For an added touch, I love to write things on my mirror for that week. You're confident, you’re special, etc.

Even if you don’t believe it now. Say it over and over and over until you do!

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Do Something That Makes You Happy:

First list or think of the things that make you happy. It can be as simple as lighting candles or buying fresh cut flowers. Maybe it’s exploring the city or countryside. Once you figure out your top 5, start to do them!

Actually, a great book that came from this practice is The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. Starting from his own blog and going through a very unhappy time in his life, Neil started to list all the amazing little things that made him happy. Finding money in his pocket, the smell of fresh baked goods, getting all the green lights on the way home.

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One of the ways I make myself happy is through a great cup of coffee in the morning. I invest in a higher quality coffee and explore different ways to make the perfect cup.

Most mornings I sit in my comfy chair and read a magazine or browse current events on my iPad. It brings me joy each morning to gaze on the city skyline as the light touches each glass building delicately with orange and gold hues while I sip my dark roast coffee.

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Another thing that brings me joy is fresh flowers. I buy them bi-weekly from a local flower shop. This doesn’t need to be an extravagant bouquet of roses. My budget is $5-$7 for a bouquet and if you know where to go, for that price you can get a rather beautiful arrangement.

Release The Pressure:

I think we both know who your worst critic is and I am guessing it’s you. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. To look a certain way or not look away you have judged others. Take a chill pill and know that you’re good enough just the way you are. 

Surround Yourself With Good People:

I want you to take a look at each of the people you surround yourself with daily. You need to ask yourself one question: Do they bring you up or do they bring you down?

The people you surround yourself with, are they challenging you to be your better self? Do you have common interest you can explore together? Are they happy when you succeed? Are they a positive person or are they constantly negative? Do they give you a backhanded compliment? Are they jealous of you?

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There have been some occasions where just because you have been friends with someone for a long time doesn’t mean you have to continue if they are not a positive force in your life. Are you depressed, angry, upset or worried every time you leave this person? Or do they make you feel like you’re “lucky” to be their friend?

A friend like this is not a friend. Not at all. And maybe it's time you do a little less meeting up and a little more walking away. Because you are special and they are the ones with the problem.

Get In The Groove:

Find a great uplifting playlist and listen to that each morning when you wake up or when you come home from work. Let the music take over your body, smile, dance in your bedroom if you feel like it. Just let the music lift you up. In my personal experience, it's also extremely hard to stay unhappy while blasting Disney soundtracks.

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Be In The Present:

I find that my mind wanders when I am doing a meaningless task. I was cutting vegetables last night and I found myself thinking of all the things I have to do in the next month to hit my personal goals and worrying I wouldn’t accomplish them.

Does worrying about something that hasn’t even happened, while cutting vegetables, add to my happiness? No. It doesn’t.

Someone once said to me, “When you’re in the shower, BE IN the shower”. It’s silly to think this is advice but it is well worth your time to think about. We spend so many moments going over conversations in our head, what we should’ve said or done. We have arguments in our head that haven’t even happened yet. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

This fix won't be overnight, you need to learn to control your thoughts. When you feel your mind drift, be conscious of it and bring it back to the present.

A great book I’ve always loved is The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment” by Eckhart Tolle. The book stresses the importance of living in the present moment and helps guide you from thinking of future or past thoughts.

Let It Out:

I know what you're thinking, how is crying going to make me happier?!

Well, holding something in isn’t going to, so you might as well try. Sometimes all you need is a good cry and your bed. So grab a box of tissues, turn on Netflix and cozy up in a big blanket. Feel your feelings and let them out.

Know When To Get Help:

There are always times you're going to be unhappy. But if you’ve found yourself unhappy or sad for a while now, it may be time to get professional help. It’s hard to ask for help or know when to seek it. But asking for help doesn’t make you weak, it actually makes you stronger.

Think of this person as your happiness guru. They will work with you to understand the root of the problem and help you take steps together as a team to get back to your happy self.

I hope these tips have helped you, please leave a comment on what makes you happy! And share so others can follow these steps to becoming happier.



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