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Hailey Hastings

Posted on June 04 2017

Girls Just know started with a small town girl, a passion for fashion, and a dream to make a community of strong women helping each other.

Our Founder, Hailey, wanted to express her unique girly style but didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothing. After living in the London, England for a year in one of the fashion capitals of the world, she decided to bring these unique clothes to Canada.

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Making sure each piece was of high quality but didn’t bring the ridiculous price tag with it! She put her effort into making sure her customers had beautiful long lasting clothing, quick delivery, and the cutest packaging. We make sure that every moment you spend with us is enjoyable.

Our clothing is fun, trendy, and affordable. Here at Girls Just Know we bring you amazing clothing with great customer service! We add new products every week and range from girlie girl to rocker chic and everything in-between. Girls Just Know is a trendy chic online boutique and community.

Being a girl means being inspiring, powerful, happy and sticking up for other girls. This store was created just for you!

When I moved back home to Canada, I wanted to do something I loved. I started writing as a hobby and quickly turned that into a blog. I loved reading and writing about fashion but felt each time I looked at the price tag I got a little depressed. And everything inexpensive seemed to never make it past the third wash.

I thought "Why am I spending $30 - $45 on a shirt I can only wear 4 times until the color fades or the shape gets disproportioned from the wash. Just because I wasn't spending $200 and up on a sweater doesn't mean I shouldn't have quality. So that's when I decided to switch the blog for an eCommerce.

I spent over a year researching, sourcing, and importing quality clothing that could stand the test of time but still look cute. Our clothing is made for real women so it was important that our clothing wasn't see through, didn't shrink, and had quality fabric that didn't show every nook and cranny.

When you wear our clothing, we don't want you to be self-conscious. I want the clothing to change how you feel as you put it on. You can create so many different personas: rocker, girlie girl, high society, whatever you want. 

It's clothing I'm proud to wear and with each customer, we send a piece of our heart out to them. And love when they enjoy our pieces.

SHARE your photos in our clothes using the tag #GIRLSJUSTKNOW for a chance to be featured on site and blog.

Thank you for joining the Girls Just Know Community! And remember: Girls Just Know!


-Girls Just Know Team

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